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Nanak Bakery has been serving locals and travelers alike since 1999. Our shop was born out Chef Fatemeh Tajik's love for baking and passion for cake decorating. Nanak is noted for its dedication to quality, everything is made on site, using the best, high quality ingredients. Our goal is to satisfy our guests with the simple pleasure of saying yes to cake. Because life is too short to live any other way.


Nanak Bakery differs from other bakeries through our emphasis on using authentic Persian recipes, traditional baking methods, and the finest quality ingredients to create pastries that are flaky and delicately light without being sugary or heavy.

We focus fresh, seasonal ingredients to make delicious sweets that combines flavors Fatemeh grew up indulging in with a modern twist. The menu focuses on local favorites with a Persian influence.

Among our signature cakes and sweets we also specialize in creating delicious egg-less, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy free substitutes to your order so that your dessert can be shared with all of your family and friends.

We believe that cake brings everyone together and we are proud to be the local bakery where everyone's sweet craving can be satisfied.

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